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Real Estate

Our team uses technology and innovation to better predict portfolio returns. From acquisition of site, assurance and governance through project delivery.

Our specialist team guarantees lower risk on real estate market projects.

What we do

Digital Transformation

We apply new technology to a severely outdated industry. Our specialist team gets to know your business and applies new processes accordingly to improve your project delivery. There are un-quantifiable gains and savings to be made through the digitalisation of your business.  

Custom App Development

We are partnering with large scale property developers and real estate agents to transform and improve the process from building to sale and aftercare. Our customised solutions help utilise data and technology to better improve this for our clients and have the added value of substantial savings.

Data Analytics

We make large scale property developments easier through insights sourced directly from your own data across your portfolio. Experts from our construction field can implement processes and technology to de-risk your design, delivery and aftercare.  

GIS and 3D Multiverse Environment

Transform your capabilities and bring the construction industry into the multiverse. Created specifically for your business, GIS & 3D Mixed reality application can improve your visualisations, identify carbon neutral solutions and deliver a more efficient display of your business.  

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