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About us


We aim to digitally transform people's experience with autonomous and spatial data to build a better future

157 projects

worked on to date

86 team members

of 10 different nationalities

More than 65 clients

who believe in Tetra's skills and expertise



Our values are our strength


With a core vision to do better, our professional team finds real purpose and fulfilment in continuously innovating and learning, giving us a real passion towards making our customers' business a success


Unlocking the full potential of autonomous and spatial data gives our customers true transparency and real-time information which is something our team gets true job satisfaction in achieving

Do better

We invest heavily in innovation and Research & Development to stay ahead of the every adapting bleeding edge technology to provide the perfect partnership to our customers

User Centric

Our customers know their business better than anyone else: everything we build is fully focused on the end user with a mantra in-house that if a process needs to be explained how to use, then it is not good enough

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