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Power Platform

Scale Innovation and Growth with Low Code

Transform your business operations digitally with the Microsoft Partner – Tetra Technology! Microsoft Power Platform offers a suite of tools designed to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and support decision-making data analysis using low code/no code. Serving the developers, IT administrators, business owners, and end-users, Power Platform enables everyone for success. Embracing Power Platform helps businesses unlock new potential, drive growth, and stay competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Get ahead of the competition with the Power Suite!

Build compelling solutions, insightful dashboards, knowledgeable bots, and well-structured websites with the exquisite Microsoft Power Platform. Leverage the power of the low code to develop state-of-the-art business solutions speedily and conveniently. Power Platform enables businesses to develop bleeding-edge custom solutions rapidly, efficiently, and easily! The perfect combination of Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Agents allows for the development of business solutions with minimal coding yet delivering value and excellence to the businesses.

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Our Services

Think Big with Power Platform

Tetra Technology, being the Microsoft Partner, has the complete expertise to integrate a handful of apps with Power Platform and implement automation and intelligence for your business. 

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Copilot Studio

Get the most out of AI with our expertise in Microsoft Copilot for Power Platform.

Tetra Technology revolutionises the creation of apps, workflows, web pages, and chatbots for the developers and end-users, using Power Platform’s integration with copilots. Our experts stay up to date on Microsoft Certifications to upskill themselves with knowledge of latest copilots, enabling businesses for modernisation. We leverage Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 or design actionable AI assistants that are smart and actionable. Using Microsoft AI Builder, Tetra Technology leverages custom and built-in AI models to optimise processes and gain insights without any data science skills required. 

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Power BI

Make Data Driven Decisions and Drive Your Business Forward

Decode the statistical data of your business using business intelligence and take the next steps accordingly. Tetra Technology is fully equipped with Power BI skills, allowing the data analysis of your business performance via insightful reports and dashboards. From Excel sheets to cloud-based and on-premises data warehouses, Power BI integrates data sources, visualises the information as dashboards, and helps you make decisions based on trends and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). From conceptualising customer insights to performing sales analysis to understanding sales data, Power BI is all what your business needs.

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Power Apps

Achieve operational excellence with Tetra’s capabilities on Power Apps

Specialists at Tetra Technology create custom solutions and services tailored to your needs, with Power Apps resting at their core. With the aim to boost efficiency and cut down the manual effort, our team of Power Platform experts explore your operational processes and review areas that can be streamlined or automated. Once done, they identify the best Power App that addresses the needs of your business operations and its end users and propose a custom solution using Power App(s). The team of developers then develops the solution, integrates it with existing workflows and provides training to its users if required.

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Power Automate

Maximise your Business potential with Power Automate

Tetra Technology analyses your routine business processes such as those on Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, etc, and automate them using Microsoft Automate. From leave management to document approvals to generating notifications or storing data, your teams focus on their tasks while the workflows streamline and automate. By allowing integration of Microsoft’s reconfigured connectors with your favourite apps, the efficiency of your team levels up, automating the labour-intensive tasks for them, reorganizing the complex workflows in an automated fashion.

Benefits of Working with Power Platform


Increased Productivity

Elevates resource productivity levels by providing facilities to automate tasks and allow building custom solutions with minimal coding effort.


Ease of Integration

Highly integrable with various APIs, Cloud and Content services, Databases, native Microsoft tools, and much more.


Cost Economical

Reduces the need for extensive IT resources and expensive software development through its low-code/no-code approach


Streamlined Workflows

Allows automation of business processes and integrations – leading to faster turnaround times and boosted operational efficiency


User Empowerment

Empowers non-technical users to create solutions and automate workflows with ease, reducing dependency on IT resources


Flexibility and Scalability

Supports adding new functionalities or scaling up existing ones, making it highly flexible and adaptable to evolving business needs


Rich Data Insights

Provides comprehensive data visualization and analytics through Power BI, allowing businesses to uncover trends and patterns that can pilot strategic decisions.


Improved Customer Experience

Provides more responsive and personalized interactions through custom apps and virtual assistants, refining overall customer experience


Enhanced Collaboration

Lets Microsoft 365 and other tools integrate seamlessly, promoting better cross-functional collaboration between teams and departments


Tetra Advantage

Partnering with Tetra means Partnering with Success

Microsoft Partners

Tetra Technology is a proud Microsoft Partner! We have a team of certified professionals that builds innovative solutions to streamline business processes for you innovatively.

Specialised Professionals

The experienced and certified professionals at Tetra Technology add value to your business by ensuring best practices as they embark on the path of application development modernisation for your business.

Staff Augmentation

Stay ahead of the competition with Tetra’s Microsoft certified resources. Our experts can train teams globally on low code and help them build custom apps with Power Platform effortlessly

Effortless Delivery with Excellence

For over five years, Tetra has developed a model for augmented teams proficient in both remote and on-site work. This allows for quick assembly of cross-functional expert teams, enabling efficient global management and a hassle-free project delivery.

Integration with Tech Stacks

Leverage state-of-the-art Power Platform components that are integrable with 1000+ cloud-based and on-premises connectors/tools, and drive innovation and efficiency.

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A Wholesome Suite for a Wholesome Experience

Ease with Administration: Helps with setting up Power Platform by providing extensive Admin centre

Guidance: Allows leveraging the strengths of Power Platform Guidance through adoption best practices, white papers, Centre of Excellence (CoE) kits, etc.


Know your Licences Better: Helps to develop better understanding of licensing of various products and services offered by Power Platform


Guidance with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM): Guides on implementing ALMs using Power Platform products and services


Extend and Develop Conveniently: Educates thoroughly on developing and scaling apps and solutions using low code


Support for Well-Organized Solution Development: Delivers comprehensive support on designing, strategising, and implementing Power Platform products and services

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